Wind & Weather 2.0

WindShape offers solutions for testing drone aerodynamics and controls. The increasing number of drones in professional activities drives drone manufacturers to constantly improve the reliability, robustness and stability of their flying machines.

Currently, there is no solution for testing drones in various wind/weather configurations. Due to the lack of testing solutions, manufacturers have no choice other than going outside to test their drones. This testing methodology, suffers from many drawbacks, including poor accuracy and repeatability, dependence on day-by-day weather forecast, unknown and non-controllable flow conditions, short test times, large distance between drone and tester, etc.

WindShape has the solution to this problem: a wind & weather simulator for testing drones in various and controllable atmospheric conditions, including arbitrary wind speed, temperature and direction (even vertical flow for simulating landing/descent configurations), as well as turbulence, hail, gusts, rain, and sandstorms.

Target clients are drone manufacturers, pilots (training and license), academic researchers, drone certification and standardization bureau (ISO, FAA), inspection authorities (drone periodic check-up and maintenance).


Wind & Weather Facility

WindShape wind facility offers new solutions for testing autonomous systems by combining new technologies.

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Product Specifications

The wind facility consists of an array of a large number of fans (approximately 150 powerful fans per square meter).

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Drone Certification & Standardization Tool

The drone market is growing very quickly. International organizations worldwide are just beginning to discuss regulations for autonomously flying vehicles.

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